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FTNX 2023 Trade Intermediaries 

FTNX 2023 Trade Intermediaries 




Leading Author,Inventor, Entrepreneur and Trade Expert

International Publication : International Trade and the Successful Intermediary (ITSI)

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Lasted Update: 12 May 2023

The Professional Intermediary and Entrepreneur

FTN Exporting created and developed the first uniform and  legally defined mainstream trading doctrine now in use by entrepreneurs world-wide, taking many decades to incept. While FTN Exporting primarily deals with matters of trade and education, FTNX conducts  business of buying and selling commodities under the FTNX name with selected informed traders. The general term “intermediary” is a misnomer and is not ‘fit for purpose’ in defining our unique position.  The term denotes that anyone dealing as a third party  on a buy/sell transaction– is often defined as an ‘Intermediary or broker.’ Entrepreneurial type of business and practices therein are often straightforward aspects; however when associated with  global agency and  international trade, this kind of business can become very complex, so much so , that the Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) cannot simply ‘buy’ a franchise to enact on its premise. A PCT contemplating entering the import export business - must become a highly informed practitioner  and learn aspects of trade intently before venturing  into the global market place.     

FTN Exporting is an International Trade Specialist (ITS), just like every person who has studied our doctrine and applied such thereinin practice. FTNX and registered informed members are not brokers nor intermediaries.  An ‘Intermediary’  and ‘Professional intermediary’ are very different entities. The former is most often ill informed, trading in products or related business of international agency in an ‘ad hoc’ and unworkable or illegal manner, where the latter is a highly informed practitioner of trade laws and rules and applies only safe legal practices. The former cannot enter into and sign contracts, whereas the latter is able to enter into a contract personally as a “ buyer and seller” of commodities, once their status has been proclaimed on a document. 

We do not conduct business with ‘intermediaries’ is another incorrectly plied aspect.  We conduct business with end buyers taking possession of goods, and suppliers in possession of export ready  commodities. While USCT registered members are able to deal in single or small shipments, FTNX only personally conduct large transactions ( large VLBC,VLCC or FCL  offered on a NBC revolving basis)  We don’t take short cuts and we apply strict trading procedures so as to ensure very safe and legally defined transactions take place. We only conduct business on a platform of “good and honourable intent.” We buy goods from the supplier, which often takes many months to negotiate, at one price, and sell such goods to our clients at another price which also take months to conclude;  creating new sales and market place  for the supplier by default. We often secure goods and sell goods at prices that most end buyers cannot secure.  FTNX has  drayage and agents on call in many countries around the world. As entrepreneurs we are able to also delve in the related  business of international  agency and create investment projects as well.  We also have our own  in-house rules called ‘TRIBE’ Rules of Association (TRA) that all USCT members must abide with when trading. A supplier or end buyer wanting to know the parameters of our informed status, should look at the rules located  via our first website which was established decades ago.  The FTNX  website is a private website is not heavily promoted online as we are unable to serve ‘everyone.’  This is also the reason why we are not on Facebook or other social sites. This website serves suppliers and end buyers with relevant  Trade Information while allowing FTNX to remain ‘in touch’ with its members;  by keeping such members up to date with important issues as ‘educating others’ on trade  and related matters– remain our underlying business premise.  

  1. If you are a supplier  and have goods that can be sold to us on a revolving basis or at least 3 shipments or more in a given year , please do not hesitate to rest your offer to us. 
  2. If you are an end buyer  who is need of a specific product carrying a specific price, please also let us know  by submitting an  inquiry via email.  
  3. If you are an intermediary who is looking to learn  matters about international trade business, our in-house publication and services available can be found on this website. 
  4. All information served to us is held is the strictest confidence. Our reputation on this matter  remains intact since 1988.  

Welcome to the complex world of “International Trade and the Successful Intermediary.” 



We do not offer investment advice, nor do we disclose who our clients are as a premise of doing business.  FTNX is unable to conduct business with Russia or countries bearing sanctions with the EU, USA or Australia. There are entities world wide conducting business in our name illegally and offering plagiarised works produced by FTN exporting. Suppliers,  End buyers and Intermediaries  looking to initiate business with FTN exporting  should initially contact us by email or check if the person using our name or USCT logo is registered with us. ZEHED-BIKE is a product being developed and created by FTN exporting for exportation in 2027. No information about ZEHED ( Zero Emissions Human Energy Device)  BIKE served until the website is established in late 2023. FTNX uses there  Top 50 ranked (Australian) banks of the world to conduct business. FTN Exporting is a registered  business entity as registered by ASIC ( Australian Securities and Investment Commission) FTNX Exporting buys and sells commodities  on behalf of undisclosed principals.We do not have goods  offered stored in Australia.FTNX signed contract with the suppliers  when buying commodities , and ships such goods to the end buyers from country of origin. USCT registered members may contact FTNX on matters of business once supply is secured  via our private Gmail email. No phone number served online as all business must be expressed in writing.