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From: 1 August 2022

FTN exporting (FTNX) is a globally leading educator and expert in matters of intermediaries, brokers, agents, buyers, sellers as it relates to the business of international trade. When we started in this business it didn't take long to work out that the industry was rife with unworkable practices and fake products. Then came the internet and with it came all the clowns offering all sorts of products using import export procedures that were mostly illegal and unlawful. The art of buying or selling commodities for a business minded person or entrepreneur is a complex one. There is a lot to know and much to learn before venturing into the exporting and importing business. 

Our proofread and edited best selling academic publication “International Trade and the Successful Intermediary” (ITSI) is still holding its first edition status 12 years after being published by leading U.K publishers and can be readily found online; or in leading libraries worldwide. ITSI is the formal application of our doctrine that home or corporate based intermediaries delving in the business of trade or agency worldwide can safely apply. Our in house beta publications (and information offered in our library from August 2022) greatly breaks down the formal aspect intently.Such a beta publication is often 4 times larger than ITSI. A beta publication has grammatical mistakes and is not proof read as such our in-house publication allows us to explain the matter of trade ‘as they are' something we were unable to do with the formal publication carrying 80,000 words. FTN exporting.com is our first main (An older earlier website exists) website which is still active.The FTN exporting website has the current TRIBE rules of trade (TRA). TRA breaks down our publication into a set of rules that like minded traders can use for quick reference, once they have read the FTNX doctrine intently first. Ideal for use when a dispute becomes apparent amongst like minded and informed traders applying the FTNX doctrine of trade. 


As from July 2022, FTNX is no longer trading openly (FTNX may consider very large contracts of supply on merit at our discretion ) but will maintain the educational aspect ensuring current practitioners of the doctrine and those coming aboard in the future remain updated and informed on current issues. More sensitive information will be provided in our restricted Library from August 2022 In an effort to ease our workload. Only current “Unified Society Commodity Traders” (USCT) members will be able to download material from the FTNX library. All purchases of our Beta doctrine have library access for the first year. Past USCT members wanting to access the library will be required to pay a small yearly access fee. 

To trade in commodities is to trade in very large and complex business deals worldwide. Trading in commodities and agency is the worlds biggest and oldest business practice, when we add matters of the current pandemic and war, a professional intermediary must become an “International Trade Specialist” (ITS) before venturing into this business. This website will assist intermediaries who have taken up our doctrine and will apply jargon herein accordingly.

Welcome  to the world of the  Professional Commodity Trader (PCT). Note: Please refresh each website page if you have not visited the website for sometime as we are always updating pages.