If you want information on anyone in York County you can go to the county website and look them up on the York County 16th Circuit Public Index Search.  Almost all Landlord Tenant cases are filed in the summary court.  Here is the link. http://www.sccourts.org/caseSearch/

A few tips on looking up records, you may want to try different variations of spelling of the names. A "b" key instead of the "n" key and similar mistakes can happen when processing the paper work. Then names are spelled differently and get keyed in wrong.


Fair and accurate transaction act is referenced by the utility companies and we believe our tenant information plan is in line with this law

We also hope the following Privacy policy will give our customers assurance their information is considered private and we respect their right to keep it confidential. We do reserve the right to report past due accounts to credit reporting agencies.

This is our policy regarding all information requests on current or previous tenants. We formed this policy from the instructions on the HUD form. The following paragraph is intended for the lender.

It is our firm policy and we believe the only way to protect the privacy of our tenants that all requests for verification or credit information be in writing with written permission from the tenant with copy of DL and this be accompanied with a $10 money order or cashiers check to compensate us for this service. This should be sent to Rock Hill Property Management at 222 South Cherry Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732-3401. The standard form is called a Verification of Rent Form or "VOR".    CLICK HERE for VOR.PDF 

Below is the top part of the "VOR" form and as you can see the requirements are strictly spelled out and based on Federal Laws.

The reporting of how rents are paid to potential new Landlord or Mortgage Company should be a sound process. Otherwise, it is just a waste of everyone's time.

It should be easy to understand that the paper work should only be transmitted between the Landlords or Mortgage Companies. This should be apparent. Any other way would compromise the report. It cannot be done by phone. This would open the way for the reports to be tampered with.

Please follow the simple rules outlined in the Federal Laws. Please include $10 for the service. We are not required to do this and may refuse to if the tenant makes unreasonable demands.



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