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August 2022

President, Tony Pizza,

At the July meeting, we welcomed visitors from Van Nuys Chapter 61, Bob Stiles and Sharon Fine. Bob even entertained with his stand-up routine which he performs at events in the Valley. We also had another “hidden name” free lunch awarded to John Shimmel. He’d been out of the area for a while, no doubt returned for the chance of a free lunch. Next month on the menu, the ever popular chicken fried steak.

Note: your name mentioned in context in an article does not entitle you to a free meal, sorry John. The hidden name will be in lower case and not in context. By the way, the selection of the name is done by the newsletter editor only, by a secret process known only to him. Rumors are that it might involve a dart board or a hat full of names. Also, sending him emails of praise about the newsletter might increase your chances.

I suspect most of you don’t care about the NARFE elections, but I fell I have a duty to encourage voting. The August issue of NARFE starting on page 8 provides the voting instructions and mail-in ballot for voting for National Officers and bylaws proposals. Online voting is also possible at . Those who get emails from headquarters have received an email at the end of July with a unique PIN (Personal Identity Number). Also, the unique PIN number is on the right side of the ballot. Votes must be received by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, August 31. If mailing a ballot, don’t wait, mail ASAP to beat the deadline.

The Secretary/Treasurer office is uncontested.  The Bylaws Committee recommends approval of all proposed bylaws except B-22-13 and B22-15.

The only contested office is for President. There are four candidates, and their candidate statements can be found in the MAY NARFE starting on page 44, or click statementsofcandidatesfornationaloffice.pdf ( , or if you’re typing, .

In voting for president you pick your first, second, third, and fourth choices. Your first choice gets 4 points, second 3, third 2, and fourth 1. If a candidate receives a majority of first choice votes, he wins. If no majority, whoever gets the best score of all preferences is the winner. If you don’t choose preferences for all four, your vote only counts in the first tally for majority, and not at all in the second tally

I only know the president candidates from their statements. My choices are 1st, Bill Austin, former National Vice President; 2nd, Jon Dowie, former National Secretary/Treasurer. The other two are both Regional Vice Presidents, very close, but based on their objectives, I like Gary Roundtree for 3rd choice, and Bill Shackelford for 4th. That’s just me, so vote for who you like.

The other day at the market I brought a bottle of wine to the checkout. They ask everybody for ID.  While I was taking out my ID, my old Blockbuster card fell out. The clerk shook her head, said, “Never mind,” and rang me up.